For Gourmand who like local specialities: traditional recepies from the Italian border with Slovenija also dictated by the amazing ingredients that we have at our doorstep: classic and revisited dishes with a contemporary twist. Our food is not about the trends: we always choose our ingredients first. This is the result of our passion for cooking, handed down from father to son. Genuine quality and love for good food.
The beautiful and unusual thing is that the passion for cooking is handed down in the male line in our family and it is not the result of academic studies but of the great experience of good food gained over the years, travelling around the world, and of a thousand dinners with friends, all interested in the best ingredient selection respectful of their seasonality. We realized that something we loved at home it could have turned into it as a professional path.
Our Signature Dish, the most significant reason for choosing our restaurant, is in fact the Peka: a dish that those who love the beautiful Croatian coast certainly know very well. The meat (generally of veal, pork, lamb and duck) is laid on an iron tray which is closed with the typical bell-shaped lid. Glowing embers are then placed on top for very slow cooking – up to 8 hours – that guarantees maximum tenderness to the meat and a triumph of flavors. Our Menu includes the most genuine dishes of the border with Slovenia such as the “Bobici” Soup: a corn soup traditionally served as an August dish at Ferragosto, for the Christian feast of the assumption of Mary, when the fresh panicles are shelled. We present it during the whole year as an healthy and refreshing dish.
The Jota soup (souerkraut & borlotti beans soup, enormously popular in and around Trieste), the cotechino, the homemade tagliatelle and gnocchi with rooster or rabbit sauce as well as vegetables 'in tecia', or the finely chopped Fassona tartare are always available, in particular during the winter season, when a large wood grill is always ready. Also our desserts, all strictly home made, vary according to the seasons. They range from warm fondant and orange pie to a refined version of the classic apple strudel. You will always find some classics such as tiramisu, millefeuille with chantilly cream, cheesecake and most of all the lemon bavarese with a green apple heart, celery and fennel. In short, genuine cuisine in respect of the terroire and revisited with a contemporary twist dishes alongside a good selection of cold cuts, cheeses and organic products. We believe in the added value of the short grain supply chain pact and we share the participated philosophy of the Tuzzi's Mill at Dolegna del Collio village, which is not far from us. We only use their flours to make our homemade bread. Now all you have to do is come and visit us.